Admittedly this was a trend we perhaps got wrong last year!  However if at first you don’t succeed, make the same mistake again!  I think last year mobile payments got a lot of bad press, it also had a lot of opposition who managed to get a while manner of scare mongering stories out in the open and add to this, the technology and process used for mobile payments was probably a bit shaky.

This year however I think the chances are far greater that we’ll see this take off.  Done right, mobile payments are far more secure than having £100 in notes in your back pocket and with the rise of more and more mobile apps venturing into the issue of “how do we get paid for that” I think Mobile EPOS solutions will really get some traction this year.  We work a lot of with NFC here too.  We use it for our own socially connected “Sociality” solution and we also understand how 2 phones talk to each other over NFC and it’s just a whole new world of mouth-watering solutions just waiting to be developed!!

I also think a lot more people have NFC enabled credit cards, the banking service has been advertising and pushing their payments well and attitudes are on the tipping point.

2013 will be the year I think people really start to trust mobile payments and also start to understand them and how they can benefit them rather than create risk.

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