A lot of people say that Android, despite their hardware dominance, has far from won the war that they are really fighting, that is to understand and own the end user and as the end users trend is to do more and more on the mobile device, we’ll see this war heat up hugely in 2013, spearheaded by the tablet market.

We said in a previous here that the lines between devices are getting blurred but I think 1 thing is for sure, the tablet, in its classic 7″ or 10″ guide will be a tool that sells in way more numbers than ever before.  Why do we think this?  Well tablets are replacing Desktops and Laptops.  They allow for the next generation of truly mobile solutions that allow users to use, report from and administer their solutions whilst in the field themselves and they offer a far more usable experience than any laptop can.  The traditional model of “Manager” of a solution is dying and at the same time the smartphone or Rugged PDA will only ever deliver a so-so user experience when it comes to more complex mobile solution usage.

The undisputed king of the desktop, Microsoft, is also going to drive their traditional model into the mobile arena with vigour this year and with it an acceptance that the “power of the PC” desktop driven culture is now going to have to be remembered fondly as the good old days of £200 Operating systems and £800 Office solutions!  The world has changed and with the key players in the computing market now all changing we’ll see tablets take the central role in the whole computing sphere.

They’ll always be things a tablet won’t do well but thing is there’s usually a tool for that these days.  Bluetooth bar code scanners, bespoke waterproof cases and all kinds of other accessories ensure that the tablet is used where it should be and business models are supported, using the best solution available.

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