Our penultimate Rugged and Mobile Trend for 2012 looks at another area that we’ve seen grow quietly, but surely in 2011 and that’s the rise of Mobile EPOS.

Until now taking payments with a mobile device has been a tough challenge for businesses with stories of data and credit card theft still haunting the minds of customers, however technology has caught up, we are seeing large-scale adoption of more secure and RFID payments systems and the Rugged market is set to utilise the RFID and mobile elements it has been working with for years in 2012.

We spoke to a lot of customers last year who wanted RFID for payments processing in the future and I think the drive to push out a more connected, immediate and on site/mobile payments solution could be a demand we see in a lot of new and existing solutions.

The technology is ready for this and 2012 will see Mobile EPOS grow.

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  1. Ben

    Loved this article and the blog is really great BTW.

    So does the EPOS reader in this article use the same technology as the new touch and go cards we’re starting to see in the shops and can these take payment using RFID?