Trend 7 in our Rugged and Mobile trends for 2012 looks at the software and solutions world.  We’re seeing a lot of change in this area and are still trying to work out an ever-changing environment and demand for solutions.

With 4G (See last post) set to launch on 2012, applications will become more connected by nature anyway, but as we saw in the broadband and general IP market, as speeds increase the shift back to thin client computing will increase giving rise to all manner of cloud based services taking over from the traditional Handset based Windows Mobile written solutions.

Other pressures that will create more demand for cloud based services are the continued down pressure from smaller businesses with less money, businesses that simply do not have the IT or solutions expertise will be able to compte better by buying an off the shelf cloud based service.  However larger companies who have recognised that they need to fall back on something more bespoke can still do so by tailoring and using cloud solution API’s (Which all cloud solutions should have to be called cloud) along with a some extra tinkering from the vendor.

We also think that the adoption of Android in our market will drive a market where development expertise is now starting to become fragmented.  We’re already seeing demand for Android in the Rugged Market with sure footed Linux/Unix based businesses wanting devices that run a more familiar platform for them.

I think we’ll see a major shift to cloud based services in the rugged market this year and all I will say is watch this space!

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