I always find this quite a lot of fun, but in recent years, predicting things that will happen in the mobile or even software market is becoming increasingly difficult to get right! There’s just so much going on now.  That said lets have a fun look at what we got right this time last year and what we got wrong!


One of the big challenges we have faced with our own brand is how to make security of primary concern.  It seems that businesses attitude to security on mobile devices has definitely hot t tipping point this year with more and more conversations being had around malware, viruses, KIOSK and MDM services than ever before.  As Android has become mainstream now in business and enterprise, so have all the issues with security.


Privacy and permission

I think it goes hand in hand with the above and we certainly have seen a shift in what is acceptable in terms of privacy and permission this year.  People are just way more savvy about what data they give away and how their data is obtained.  Being ethical and morale has definitely taken a stance against willy nilly data gathering and we’ve seen issues like Chinese phones sending back data being met with great shock and horror. At Raptor we’ve been super careful to make sure our devices don;t leak a single byte of data without the users knowing so I think like with security this has become a real talking point now.


OS Uncertainty

Wow, how things have changed hey? It was only a few years ago we all scorned Android in the enterprise market as a fleeting trend and capacitive screens were simply witch craft!!  This year has definitely seen a shift in attitude away from Microsoft mobile operating systems and left businesses with real dilemmas on which OS they should choose going forward.  many have been waiting for Microsoft to really lead the way but it turns out that Android is really the only option for enterprise right now.  That said, never before have I seen so much confusion, choice and general dismay at having to choose between a number of mobile OS’s and this will continue into 2017 as businesses struggle to cope.


“Hybridness” gains traction

Well I am being biased here because we invented the term “Hybrid Rugged” here, however i can back this up with sales figures that simply show no-one is buying “rugged” any more and paying £1500 per device for it.  Hybrid device that have smartphone like features and power but in a rugged enough shell, whether you like it or not are ruling the enterprise world now!


Wearables innovate but still struggle to find their place

So we love new tech here. I mean we try everything and go through all those pains of being early adopters, so we understand the lethargy and disappointment that this often brings!!  IOT hubs and smart watches have probably been amongst the most disappointing of technologies we have tinkered with this year and the reason is, that this technology is still new, still finding it’s feet and is still simply not right in many ways.  Watches and wearables have been particularly weak and even we ponder about building a watch app here as we still wait to build one.

What is clear in the enterprise is that wearables and watches have struiggled to gain relevancy and the jury’s still well and truly out on where they will fit in, if at all.


IOT Strides forward

IOT on the other hand has made some significant strides forward and it seems that today, there’s a new IOT device being launched every hour! IOT is still in it’s infancy but as it goes through the next iteration it is definitely starting to find it’s place in the world and we are all slowly but surely being shifted from our smartphone “Data pull” style of working.


Mobile first software

I think this already happened in hindsight, mobile first software has been around for years now and as we have moved our software business bang into the middle of mobile and IOT I think we not only saw mobile fiorst design come and go but the IOT paradigm take over.


Mobile payments become the norm

On one hand we saw the launch of Android pay…finally… in the UK, which followed Apple Pay earlier in 2015.  These technologies are just super cool and great and I personally use it wherever I can.  However you just know fro the look of the average checkout girl when you use it that it’s still not mainstream and indeed it isn’t.  The usage figures are somewhere like 20% of total transactions, the banks are frustratingly eitehr tied up to Apple or are simply not buying into Android Pay so their cards are not compatible with the result being that phone payments are still not quite there yet.


Wireless gets better and better

Hmm, so this is a difficuylt one to call.  On the one hand we saw some huge innovation this year within the relams of IOT and wrieless.  The Photon particle board, WiFi that stays connected, meshed out IOT coverage and even Bluetooth improvements made for exciting changes in the way we can build and use IOT frameworks.

In the world of mobile and smartphone in the enterprise we have continued to see a typically slow demand for 4G and WiFi n as we continue to lag the consumer market somewhat.


So there we have it, not bad in the end, maybe for 2017’s predictions I will have to be a bit more daring!!

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Dave's one of the founders of Raptor, his rants are memorable, his thoughts are stimulating and his heart is set on helping, entertaining and making things like mobile, Android, ruggedness, 3D printing and IOT simple.

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