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Intermec CS40 Price Offer

Sp[ecial price deals on Intermec's CS40 until end of October. The Intemrec CS40 is a small rugged PDA which has always had a bit of a price issue, even for an Intermec but get them at a edcued price while you can!
The Intermec Rugged PDA Range

Intermec Rugged PDA Range Explained

Despite what you might hear, Intermec Rugged PDA's are still the 2nd largest supplier in the UK.  They got close to trouble 2 years ago, but have bounced back remaining true to their rugged roots with new dev...
Small Rugged PDA

Top 5 Small Rugged PDA picks

Small Rugged PDA's are becoming more and more in demand as workers seek better mobility and userbailiuty but with the benefits of a rugged PDA. We share out cvurrent top 5 picks in the Small RUgged PDA category here...
Rugged PDA Barcode Scanners

Rugged PDA Barcode Scanner Options

Rugged PDA Barcode Scanners come in all shapes and sizes and we're interrupting our test centre blog this week as we're moving this away to another site in favour of keeping this blog focussed on tech, opinion ...
Small Rugged Handhelds

Small Rugged Handhelds

Small Rugged Handhelds like Intermecs CS40 are growing in popularity and with a decent choice now available that have all the capabilities of a fully rugged PDA but in a small compact size. Read more...