Barcode label material and colour can be very important

Selecting The Right Barcode Label

Selecting the right lable for your barcode solution can be as important as the barcode itself. We spend some time here looking at the areas you need to think about when selecting the right barcode label for your barcode solution...
Barcodes and Barcode Scanners come in all shapes and size - We're here to help!

The Big Barcode Scanner Guide

Barcoding can be an extremely difficult thing to get right so we decided to put together the Big Barcode Guide to help people understand and depoly their barcode scanner solution more easily. Read on for more...

Opticon OPR-3301 Bluetooth Laser Scanner – Announced

The Opticon-3301 wireless Bluetooth laser scanner, is going to be one of the smallest and lightest cordless laser scanners on the market. Weighing only 110g (and that includes the battery folks!), it will mean the OPR-3301 will be an extremely comfortable wireless barcode scanner, especially for prolonged scanning.