Today we turn to bluetooth barcode scanners and look at the manufacturers we sell and why. First up is Socket bluetooth barcode scanners. We try to fit what we sell together so the brands we sell all have a USP and they work together giving great choice rather than just adding whatever there is and with Socket we’re able to plug a whole bunch of needs!

Why we sell Socket bluetooth barcode scanners

Because they’re a focussed barcode scanner business, growing, with great products and with a great SDK. They’re very active and very fresh working on all the major operating system platforms. I think they’re one to watch.


  • Great range, from budget socket CHS 7Ci to antimicrobial, rugged, 2D versions of their CHS range. They’re even available in v
  • Great SDK, probably the best out there and they have a great development community too.
  • Socket Bluetooth Barcode scanners are extremely ergonomic, have some great unique features.


  • No on device built in storage so they scan live to a table/PDA device only.
  • Price is not the cheapest. We think they’re probably worth it?
  • Not the most rugged scanner on the market, they’re durable but they lack full IP ratings for outdoor use.

If you’re looking for a bluetooth barcode scanner that have great features, with choice of scanner, ruggedness and even colour and you want a nice easy SDK that is packed with features on multiple OS’s then a Socket bluetooth barcode scanner is the answer!

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