Ending our look at our bluetooth barcode scanner suppliers We turn to Baracoda. Like Socket, Baracoda are a focussed blu=etooth barcode scanner supplier but where others focus on the tablet wielding Samsung and Apple crew, Baracoda grew from more industrial roots meaning their products are tough.

Why we sell Baracoda bluetooth barcode scanners

Because they’re different, they’re a very good quality product with some nice features and above all they’re very rugged. If you need something for full indoor or outdoor use that’s fully rugged then Baracoda is the answer!


  • Very full range, there’s a scanner to suit any level and any budget from the basic D-Fly to the 2D scanning, RFID tagging Orkan.
  • Rugged, most of the models are IP54+ and have a drop spec and are clearly rugged.
  • Big batteries = long staying power.


  • Baracoda products aren’t cheap but they last and we think are definitely worth it for those needing a rugged bluetooth barcode scanner. They may be overkill for some though.
  • Ingenico just bought Baracoda out. We don’t like buyouts here, it always means a period of settling down for a brand.
  • No UK presence, although the French based support is very good and we see Baracoda’s account team more than some UK based brands!

If you’re looking for a bluetooth barcode scanner that’s rugged, has good RFID capabilities and will last with a good, full SDK then a Baracoda bluetooth barcode scanner is the answer!

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