Pidion BIP-6000 - Android Release Update
Buggy, key features missing but it is Android on a rugged pda!
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UPDATE: 01/08/213

Pidion have now removed Android from their current range.  It is still available from the contracted developers so please come ask us for more details.

We are fielding a lot of questions about the Pidion BIP-6000 and when the Android OS is going ti be available on it.  We’re the number 1 reseller of Pidion in the UK, no-one knows Pidion like we do and we have our own repair centre to boot so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the current situation…

The beta version of the BIP-6000 Android OS has been available for some time now and works on a reduced level of functionality on the rugged PDA.  Its pretty stable and it has been working well at our pilot customer base.

However the retail version of Android BIP-6000’s and all current orders for the BIP-6000 have been cancelled and Pidion today released news that they are launching the retail version on a limited number of configurations.  These will be the AA, AC and AF.

Reading between the lines it seems that the qwerty keyboard and possibly the RFID reader is causing them the delays on the full retail OS.

So if you order a BIP-6000-AA with Android today, you;ll get it in 2 weeks time.  If you want 2D scanning or 1D scanning then as long as it’s with the numeric keyboard version of the BIP-6000 then its 2 weeks!  If you want a qwerty or RFID enabled device then it’s no go…nada…zip for now I’m afraid.

It’s not great news for many, but we’d rather be honest about this so people know where they stand.  The whole range will eventually get Android but it is just going to be a little longer than expected.

Any questions, just ask us right here and we’ll do our best with them!

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2 Responses

  1. Roj

    TY so much for this. Pideon do not like to tell when things are available. What is wrong with them?

    • ruggedandmobile

      Well I have to agree on this one. I thknk sometimes the innovation gets a little ahead of the implementation but all rugged manufacturers are having to learn to deal with faster and faster product development cycles these days. We all just want more and more as custoemrs!