We all love the Motorola MC65, its dependable, hard to fault and is still one of the most popular rugged PDA’s in the field today.  However Motorola think it needs an update and this has come in the shape of an all new model giving users the choice.

The Motorola MC67 brings the same platform as the MC65 but with some extra features including:

  1. Most notably IP67 sealing and 8 foot MIL-STDG drop spec, making this the most rugged compact PDA in it’s class.
  2. New OMAP 4 1GHz dual core CPU, 512MB RAM and 2GB Flash ROM mean on paper this is also currently the most powerful Rugged PDA on the market today.
  3. New 4G HSPA+ data chip and WiFi a/b/g/n bring the connectivity of the MC67  bang up to date.

Everything else stays the same so this is more of a ruggedness upgrade with Motorola taking the opportunity to just keep the Motorola MC65 fresh and relevant in the Mobile world.

What do we think?

Well we’re waiting for price which is always a factor with Motorola Rugged PDA’s but we think the extra ruggedness will set the MC67 apart from it’s rivals in this class.  It’s a clever move by Motorola.

The extra ooomph will be welcomed, it’s not really needed as the MC65 is still a very competent device but with most new devices that are coming on to the market now having 1Ghz CPU’s and more RAM this will help to fend of the competition.

The Motorola MC65 remains a competent rugged PDA whether in MC65, MC55A0 or MC67 guise.  We’ll

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