What is the Motorola ET1?

The Motorola ET1 is like most Motorola products, in fact I’ll use phrase I use a lot with customers, “it’s hard to buy a bad Motorola” (ES400 aside…ahem…).  The ET1 is no exception to this, it’s quite tough but at the same time quite small but the main feature in my view is that it’s from a company with a Data Capture background, not a tablet that’s been made rugged form a company that doesn’t really do mission critical or rugged day-to-day.

This means the Motorola ET1 has large hot swappable batteries, a bright screen and plethora of accessories that are all essential in turning a mobile solution into an excellent one that’ll last for years.

However the ET1 has missed 1 fundamental feature to its spec until now.  Coming very soon you will get the option to fit a full 3G/4G Data enabled chip which will make the device fully field ready, putting it into the hands of a growing and hungry field based solutions out there.

OK, so like most Motorola products, the price isn’t going to be the best but the ET1 is always worth a look if you need something rugged and supported for years to come.

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