Motorola generally make great Rugged mobile computers but the Motorola ES400 is one that has struggled for quality in our opinion and one of the main reasons for this is that it’s often not sold into the right customer or solution.  The Semi Rugged PDA, is only a durable Rugged Mobile Computer at best and this is often overlooked when the low price is revealed!

We’re Moto partners here and have been for many years so we know how to look after Motorola ES400’s bought from us, we also understand when a customer needs the comprehensive support packages or not so we know a lot about getting ES400’s up and running, quickly on the hardware, firmware or OS front.

Motorola ES400 Repair

So what do you do if you have a an ES400 that’s out of warranty and needs help? Well our friends over at Rugged Rescue think they have the answer for repairing out of warranty Motorla ES400’s and have just launched a new no fuss repair product for the ES400.

Basically any repair, is now done in 5 days or less for £200 (exc VAT).  This covers you for 1 major part repairs, if you need a new screen and mainboard on the Motorola ES400 then the device is generally uneconomical to repair but £200 will cover off any new rubbers and a screen for instance to get your Es400 back running in the field quickly.

Go check the website for more details and don;t forget that we offer full RAMCare service products and plans on all the major brands we sell, with many like PIdion and Dotel being done right here in the UK.  If you have any questions about Rugged PDA repair then just get in touch with us here.

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