The Ganedata GX8010, gStar is essentially a Small Rugged PDA’s can be a difficult bunch, often with a lot of hidden compromises made in order to get the form factor and price to where it needs to be.  The great thing with Ganedata is they listen to us and work very hard to deliver hardware that fits exactly with our customers needs and this is exactly what has happened with the latest incarnation of the GX8010 or Ganedata GStar as it’s known!

Whats changed

Firstly you now don’t have to choose between BT and WiFi.  You now get both as standard and its all very standard protocol so you can use your BT headset with the device no problems.

There have also been some welcomed tweaks to the casing as you’ll see in the video.  There are no signs of non-UK markings now which do plague even some of the better known devices coming out of Asia.  However the Gstar is now totally UK friendly!

Also the buttons are a lot nicer to use.  The previous models had very tough and strong buttons which could make scanning all day a little bit laborious but the buttons on the Gstar are now a pleasure to use.

Lastly the stylus can come in a tethered format so you don’t lose it if it falls out of the device.

Don’t forget that this handset still has a very good standard specification, with an Adaptus 2D Scanner that you can put out.  RFID support instead of the scanner for HF and LF scanning, WM 6.1 and its IP67 rated with a great drop spec.


Pricing remains unchanged for the hardware and the support options and we can get great pricing for your project, whilst eliminating risk by working closely with the manufacturer.  Don’t forget that we also have our own flavours of the Operating system here so we can get this device running really efficiently at a very low cost point for a rugged platform.

This device is in stock and available now so call us if you need any more help with this.

Always talk to the experts!


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