So to complete our series of blogs on Mobile EPOS Terminals we’ll take a look at the top-selling devices in the market today.

Pidion BIP-1300

Inexpensive, comes in lots of configurations including PCI and RFID versions and is easy to use with a  simple SDK.  The BIP-1300 comes with a printer, mag and chip readers as standard and has WM5.0 at the heart of its development platform.  You can build your applications easily onto this device and we love it because you also get everything you need to get started in the box with the device.  Watch out for the BIP-1500 that has been earmarked for launch now but the popularity of the BIP-1300 device means we think it will be around for a while yet.  Only downside is WM5.0 which is getting a bit long in the tooth now for some.

Partnertech MF-2350

Fully Specced and probably the most up to date in this bunch hardware-wise, the MF2350 is versatile and does everything you need.  It can be configured to exactly your needs, has RFID Options and its only Achilles heel is that its only available in CE 5.0.

Fujitsu B-Pad

This little device was probably made most famous by Apple as it was used originally in their stores until they came up with their own iPod Touch / iPhone based system.  CE 5.0 only with no printer means it wasn’t for some but it’s small, light and again easy to programme with.  Not as cheap as the BIP-1300.

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