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This is a quick announcement about the new Dolphin 6100 which is a new “within-4-walls”, light weight industrial rugged handheld. The 6100 expands the Dolphin portfolio by giving a new lightweight, compact option to the range.

Designed for in-store or back-room operations it should be worth a look for anyone in the market for a new device in the retail or warehousing markets.

Including the proven adaptus imaging technology, the 6100 provides solid 1D and 2D scanning capabilities as well as image capture and intelligent signature capture.

With Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless connectivity you’ll stay well connected and the long-lasting battery is designed for full shift usage. We’re not sure why Windows CE 5.0 has been chosen as the operating system for the 6100, but it will enable developers to quickly develop for a familiar environment.

We think this is a great little device that could be a hit if proceed right. It should be in our eShop some time in August and we’ll review the device soon.



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