There’s no hiding from the fact that the small rugged PDA area of our market is hotting up and we’re seeing quite a few new devices entering this sector all the time now.  A Small Rugged PDA in our eyes has to be fully rugged (IP54+, Drop spec), it has to be repairable and have service contracts and it also has to have a roadmap so as to not leave line of business customers hanging dry when they go end of line.

Dotel are yet another company from Korea who have a very interesting small rugged handheld device and we feel the Dotel Doth-300 could be a very well positioned and priced device that will give users a genuine reason to not buy Semi-Rugged PDA’s or smartphones.

Main Benefits and USP’s of the Dotel Doth-300

  • Super slim design
  • Small but with a large 3.5″ screen.  Is it a small rugged PDA or is it full sized?  The truth is that its super slim, and in between the two classes.
  • 278g, which is nearer semi or small rugged PDA in weight.
  • HF and UHF built-in RFID reader options

What we rate!

  • 2 x 2400mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries in the box.  LI-POL (as seen in the iPhone and iPad) = Super high battery performance.
  • Quality, Established, top end Xscale PXA320 806MHz CPU.
  • 256MB RAM up to 1GB ROM.
  • This device is totally configurable.
  • Configurations can be changed after sale.  Send the device back here and we’ll add in a Scanner or RFID Reader.
  • Service and Support structure is very innovative and the full range of Rugged and Mobile extras will be available on all Dotel DOTH-300 devices.
  • Prices are looking very good and it will be a viable option on price alone against most Rugged PDA rivals.

What we hate!

There’s not much on paper, the QVGA LCD is a shame and the brightness looks slightly less against rival screens but that’s about it until we see it!  UPDATE: This has been changed and there is aVGA option in the pipeline.  There’s also a Qwerty keyboard option coming very soon too!

We’ve got a demo unit in the post and you’ll see this next week when we test.  Dotel are small, but they have had devices in the field under different brands for a while now.  What I think Dotel have right is that they are turning to resellers to create an innovative community around their devices.  They might be small now but with fast support of resellers this can change in our market overnight.

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