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has to announced the new “Elf” Rugged PDA. We’re excited by this because as the name suggests, the Elf is the smallest rugged PDA yet to be produced by Datalogic, but is still packed with some top-level tech. This new Rugged PDA packs unprecedented features into a compact form factor built for single handed field operation.

The Elf is the first of Datalogics devices coming with Power3, the new concept from that evolves from extensive research into the core needs of all enterprise stakeholders. Three main pillars drive this concept.  C3 real time technologies, F3 ergonomics and rugged construction and D3 easy and intuitive tools.

Under the hood the Elf’s Power3 construction starts with a parallel microprocessor architecture using a PXA310 and ARM-7 processors combined with 256 MB RAM & Flash and Windows Mobile 6.5. This makes it bang up to date and we reckon it will be pretty speedy too.  You can then specify the scanner from either a 1D laser scanner, a 2D imager (both with Datalogic’s patented Green Spot good read feedback) or an optional HF RFID reader which only comes along with the 2D scanner option as far as we can tell from the literature we have seen so far.  The Elf doesn’t cut back on any other features with an autofocus 3MPixel camera with flash and a complete set of radios that will keep users connected throughout the day.  HSDPA UMTS (3.5G) for voice and data, along with Summit’s latest embedded WiFi chip brings 802.11a/b/g wireless radio with Cisco CCX v4 certification, whilst Bluetooth is present to connect you to wireless headsets, printers and other BT devices. There’s a GPS receiver for tracking, navigation and proof of delivery and a standard Micro USB port facilitates charging with any USB power supply.  Lastly with 3000 or 5000 mAh battery options, this will be one long lasting little Rugged PDA!

Datalogic’s software tools and strategic software alliances fit Elf to the business practice. Datalogic Desktop and Configuration utilities offer full control over the on-device experience. Wavelink Avalanche enables rapid deployment and central management of Elf installations (Avalanche is pre-loaded and pre-licensed on every Elf). Finally, Datalogic’s Ease of Care comprehensive service programs protect the Elf investment for the long-term.  These come in 1, 2 or 3 guides and are comparable to most manufacturers support offerings.


• Windows Mobile 6.5 for application portability
• UMTS HSDPA (3.5G) cellular radio for voice and fast data
• 802.11 a/b/g radio with CCX V4 certification
• Bluetooth® wireless Communications 2.0 EDR
• GPS for real-time location-based applications
• USB On-the-Go for maximum communications flexibility
• 1D Laser or 2D Imager both with Green Spot good read
• Integrated HF RFID reader
• 3 Megapixel autofocus Camera with Flash
• 256MB RAM and 256MB Flash Standard
• Single piece battery, both standard and high capacity
• User-accessible micro SD memory slot (SDHC) for additional storage
• QWERTY or Numeric keyboard
• Brilliant VGA/QVGA TFT display with touch screen.
• Accelerometer to automatically rotate display
• Micro USB on device to easily charge with standard power supplies (no dock required)
• Wavelink Avalanche® device management pre-licensed

You can learn more here and download documentation and images

Datalogic Elf


You can place orders now, with 4 options available.  As far as we’ve been told the first shipments will take place in May 2010.


Our opinion here is that this device could just be the device that everyone is looking for.  Its inexpensive, small but rugged and it comes with a support level that should give it a real TCO for end users.  We’ll try to get this tested soon, in the meantime watch this space or check our main website for more details.

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