When you first think of a rugged warehouse PDA, Datalogic wouldn’t be the first thing I would have thought of, so when a Datalogic Skorpio landed in the office I was intrigued to find out more. Motorola, Honeywell and Intermec have all placed themselves firmly as the market leaders in the warehouse, so to hear of a device from a smaller manufacturer placing themselves in a niche within the market, I wanted to hear more. The Skorpio is designed to work within a retail or stock room situation, and it is made to be smaller and lighter than its competitors. I wanted to find out if it was good enough to stand up against such strong competition.


The Datalogic Skorpio much cheaper compared to another product such as the Motorola MC9090-G or the Honeywell 9900, but there’s not as much choice in options and configurations available. The Datalogic seems much more reasonably priced compared to its major rivals. Rationale Datalogic have designed the Skorpio to be used on the shop floor. It’s suppose to provide the technology needed within this environment without weighing the user down on a long shift, and it succeeds! It comes in, including battery, at 360g, managing to be almost half the weight of the Motorola MC9090-g and 300g less than the Honeywell 9950.


Even though there are less than half the options available compared to the Motorola MC9090 and Honeywell 9900, the most basic comes with the specification you need to work on the shop floor. It comes with either Windows CE 5.0 or WM 6.1, WiFi, Bluetooth option, and a laser 1D scan engine, with Datalogic’s built-in green dot to ensure accurate, more efficient scanning. It doesn’t come with the choice of options that are usually available to you when you look at another major manufacturer, however, it does pack a punch, and besides, what more would you want?


The Datalogic Skorpio range really scores points on the amount of accessories that are available. There is everything you need from cables to vehicle cradles. This is great when you need to use the device in different envoironments and need another bit of kit to help you out, the options are there.


You feel the lightness of the device immediately after picking it up and it’s perfect for all day use, but it still feels rugged and sturdy enough in the event of it being dropped. As Dave previously mentioned in the Janam XG100 review, devices of this sort have the problem of the battery being at the back of the device which causes back tilt weight and this Datalogic Skorpio sadly suffers with this. Ruggedness It is IP64 rated with a drop spec of 1.5m which is almost up there with the best and arguably is all you need for a warehouse device. Devices of this sort have a tendency to be dragged through the mill, and a higher drop spec would have been perfect.

Data Capture

The Datalogic Skorpio has a really good 1D scan engine that comes as standard built-in, and its main selling point is the green spot which appears when you try to aim the scanner at the barcode. It’s a real help and would be ideal when used in stock rooms scanning large amounts of stock in a small amount of time. It handles really well with scanning from an angle, which is ideal in the retail environment


This is where Datalogic lets itself down a little bit. There are no menu “Service Pack” style options immediately available from Datalogic, like most of the other manufacturers, like Janam, Pidion and Honeywell. I think this shows a slight lack of commitment from the manufacturer and they need to do more to ensure that if things go wrong, someone is there to help out and get you back on track.


This is a great device, but the lack of configuration options available does let it down. With new barcode technology hitting us all the time, I feel that a few better options would have helped, however this is a small gripe for a device that’s meant to be inexpensive and basic. Support is the other major downfall, there needs to be more commitment from the manufacturer in today’s world to ensure the customer receives more piece of mind if things go wrong.

Price: 9/10

Design/Usability: 7/10

Accessories: 9/10

Scanning: 7/10

Ruggedness: 7/10

Support: 5/10

Specification: 7/10

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