The Pidion BM150R has finally been discontinued. This was a very popular device with us here and it made some great ground when the MC35 and P6500 were discontinued and not replaced for over 18 months, however, despite getting some nice little upgrades in the past 18 months, the BM150R has finally been formally discontinued by Pidion. The replacement will be the Pidion BM170 which has a technology platform inline with the latest generation Pidion family and based on the 806MHz XScale PXA320 processor.  Despite running these 2 devices along side for about a year now with a seemingly “fluffy” strategy at best at how these would run together, the decision was finally made to go full hog with the BM170 about 3 months ago. The notice is a little short on this for my liking, but don’t forget we’re talking Semi-Rugged here and this is far better than the 2 weeks we got on the MC35 and HTC P6500 so it’s not bad at all. We are also experienced here at providing blended Pidion PDA platforms and the BM170 and BM150R sit at ease with each other, despite the BM170 having WM6.5.  However we can get this round for you. Come ask if you want to know more.  We can still fulfill orders adhoc if required but if your buying a BM150R, it’s from old stock now!! The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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