We were extremely surprised to find out today that the MC35 is to be discontinued.

On further interrogation of Motorola and our distributors we learnt that the little Semi-Rugged PDA’s life was being cut short because of a component shortage. Unusually Motorola have decided to stop all production of the device for good and with no replacement currently lined up, or even in the pipeline, it leaves us asking a few questions.

The MC35 sold well, had just had a Windows Mobile 6.1 refresh and it was pretty unique in its category offering something different in the Semi-Rugged PDA Enterprise arena. It bridged the gap between the business enterprise market and the rugged PDA market with ease.

It did have its troubles! Early variants had poor battery life, phone quality issues to name but a few but it didn’t stop the device from being extremely popular and in all fairness it ended up a pretty good piece of hardware in the end.

I guess we’ll never know really why the MC35 so abruptly stopped selling, what we do know though is that it will be a device that will be sorely missed.

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