The rise of the phablet is all too well known now and it’s not going to stop through 2016.  It seems the 1-device-does-all form factor has seriously seen some consumer acceptance but it doesn’t stop there!  We’re also seeing phablet adoption in business and enterprise level mobile solutions and below are the top 5 reason why:

The perfect screen size

I’ not going to lie, we’ve always struggled with 7″ tablet sales here.  Customers who demo them rarely fell in love with the form factor and it has proven to simply be too big for most, especially when used in the field with 3G/phone requirements.  Like-wise there’s always been upwards pressure on screen size fro those with smaller screened smartphones or rugged PDA’s.  The 5-6″ screen sized of the phablet is the culmination of years of convergence onto a single screen size that seems to be the size we want.  Whilst in the past there was a clear line between a device that “captured data” and a device that needed to perform more complex tasks, today businesses are trying to take as much into the mobile world as they can.  A phablet is the device that can do everything and has the best chance of staying aligned as your business process and software innovate.

Bigger battery

Because the device is bigger and the screen resolutions tend to be the same anyway, the battery is bigger and lasts longer.  All great news for businesses looking for mobile devices that will last a whole shift or more.  Battery is one of the biggest hardware concerns for businesses buying mobile devices so a phablet is just what you’re looking for if you need a device that will last.

Keypad and usability

The larger screen of the phablet simply makes more tasks easier to do.  Keypad keys are bigger and less prone to mistakes and also everything just has a size and vibrancy to it that a smartphone sized device doesn’t have.  Add  stylus into the mix and depending on how you use it you literally have a smartphone one day, tablet the next.

Costs savings

Because a phablet can truly do everything thrown at it, you only need to consider buying 1 device rather than multiple for each task you need workers to do.

Higher specs

I don;t know whether it’s to do with the size or not but phablets also seem to get the best of the specs.  Higher RAM, better CPU’s and cameras mean that the device you;re buying will function faster for longer as it ages.

There’s no doubt about it that the phablet has hit the sweet spot with consumers but we’re also now seeing the same trends apear in business and enterprise.  Come talk to us if you want to learn more or talk about what kind of phablets out there are built for business.


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