So this week our Q&A turns a blind eye to ruggedness and we answer questions about the Samsung Note 4 that was unveiled on Wednesday.  A lot of you asked us a lot of questions about this device, perhaps we should start selling and repairing it!!

1.  What screen size is the Note 4?

It has the same 5.7@ screen as the Note 3.

2. Is it rugged in any way like the S5?

Well it has the 2.5D glass. We’ve never tested that here but if it’s anything like the sapphire glass on iPhones then it withstands a hammer blow.  The Note 4 isn’t IP rated though so it won’t with stand water or dust.  It’s not a rugged device by any means.

3. Is it Octa-Core?

No not this one, it uses the Snapdragon quad-core running at 2.4GHz if memory serves me right!!

4. So is the Note 4 and Note edge the same device?

Essentially they’re both “Note” family devices.  They share the same stylus and large screen size etc but the Edge has a unique screen that folds around to the side of the device which is used for a whole new set of features.  They are different devices.

5. How much is the device?

At the moment we don’t know. Its coming in October but pricing is a secret right now.  I think Samsung are waiting for the iPhone 6 to be priced up first and I would expect the Note 4 to be along the same price line as the Note 3.

6. Are these good enough to give engineers?  People wearing gloves could really make use of the stylus?

Well we’ve had a note 3 here for 12 months and it has gotten fair usage.  The screen is scratched a little, the device is beaten up a bit where it has been dropped and it doesn;t fit into a cradle any more due to damage.  It’s nowhere near rugged enough for engineers in my view.

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