Our Q&A summary of the week, covers all kinds this week!.  Keep the questions rolling in @ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

1. Is there a trend towards bigger screens in the rugged market in your opinion?

Yes, we are definitely seeing more people who are talking about 5″ and more at the moment and the market is ill served right now in this area too.  The best device we sell is the Raptor R5. It has a better spec than anything else with a large screen.

2. What’s different about the new Workabout Pro 4?

Well it’s the first Motorola badged WAP and it does bring a few changes with it.  We blogged about that right here.

3. Are there any devices coming out soon that will have the new Octa-Chipset?

Actually yes, we’re talking to one of our manufacturers right now about a new update that’s coming very soon.  Octa-chipsets, huge RAM and lots more.  Its unusual for a rugged device to be so up to date like this.

4. I was told that Android would be a fleeting trend and it would go away.  Can you tell me exactly if that’s true?

Android is certainly not going away and it’s sales figures in the developed and Asian markets are still eating up market share, even from Apple.  Add to this we’re selling as many Android devices here now as we do Windows Mobile so you do the maths!

5. Is there a new OS replacement for Windows Mobile?

Yes it’s called Windows Embedded 8 and it is currently being piloted, although we’re seeing a few more devices touting the OS now, whether they’re available I’m not sure, everyone wants to be the first!  We’re going to be talking about WE8 next week.

I’ve had to limit this week to the top 5 due to time but keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.


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