This a spooky Friday 13th weekly Q&A summary of the week, covering Kiosking and proactive issues this week!.  Keep the questions rolling in @ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

1. How much are kiosking apps?

They vary in price from nothing to £50+ per device.  However we sell a great product (see below) for about £20 per device.

2. Do you recommend any apps yourself?

Yes we do.  We have extensively tested loads of Kiosk apps and our advice is to first see if the free ones that come with the rugged device you buy work for you.  They can be awkward to use and a bit basic and they won’t work on other brands of device either so you might have to learn different apps for different devices, but these are free.

We prefer a product called SureLOCK from a great little company called 42 gears.  These guys have grown hugely in the past few years and their products are getting better and better.  We use their MDM product for our own managed service and repair centre and sureLOCK is a great product we resell that works well on everything we tested it on so far.

3. You say firmware can be a big issue for a mobile.  How do I know I need firmware?

We will report and talk about what we know and we’ll also apply any updates to managed customers we have but if you simply bought your hardware then you need to keep up to date yourself.  Use your reseller or manufacturer portals to keep up to date or pop a quick question to our engineers through our portal.

4. Will a kiosk app work if I have devices all over the country?

If you need to provision settings and apps to devices remotely then a Kiosk app is limited.  You need to look at an MDM product and we’ll be talking about that next week.

5. I need to lock my devices down but I need my users to be able to change SIM cards and use the phone, is this possible?

Absolutely.  You can set up a device to still give access to the phone and contacts apps and/or texting if you like. You can either give them access to the connection settings app or you can just pre-set up all your networks in the settings of the kiosk.

I’ve had to limit this week to the top 5 due to time but keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.

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