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1. I have the HM45 and need to buy more, can i get any?

Not according to our information, you need to find something else.  If you’re a RAM customer then you’ll have the exact same support services and support process so hopefully that will help you transition.

2.  Why such short notice?

Difficult for us to answer directly but things can happen that make life of a device difficult.  Fort example suppliers of critical parts can f=go out of business or a device might not sell well so it’s pulled.  In this case we have received no official reasons that we can publish.

3. Are my existing HM45’s supported?

Yes, there are parts to make sure any customers are supported according to their support contract lengths.

4. Are the HM40 and HM50 affected by this?

The HM40 is the same same device with a keypad and only in Windows Mobile guise.  Whilst both devices have had their issues in our experience of them, they are unaffected and remain on sale with no indication of being discontinued.

5. Seriously i’m expected to think the BM180 is a replacement device for the HM45?

Well we understand that, a 5″ screen is substantially larger than the 3.5″ one of the HM45 and the devices are slightly different in how they go about their business but thats the score.  We have lots of better alternatives anyway, try here: Rugged Android PDA’s

6. How much does the BM180 cost in identical spec to the HM45?

We haven’t officially got our pricing just yet but expect the BM180 to be somewhere form 50-80% more.  This might change as launch approaches but this is all the information we have right now.

7. Will there be a replacement for the BP70?

No, and yes it leaves Pidion with no 10″ android option to their range.  To be honest we don’t sell very many 10″ Android tablets anyway with most of our customers buying 7″ or 10″ Windows based ones so we’re not so sure how big an impact this will be.

I’ve had to limit this week to the top 5 due to time but keep sending those questions in, use #RAMQQ on twitter @ruggedandmobile or just email them in.


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