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1. Great series of blogs by the way, I’m no longer confused but I’m still worried about making a 5 year commitment. Can you help?

A big question! I can’t answer that one directly as it depends on your business and strategy and even then I think you need a crystal ball to get it right 100%!

If you need rugged devices then it’s WM, WE8 or Android. Also the fact that your talking 5 years would make me worry a lot about IOS.

If you need to deploy right now then it’s WM6.5 thats going to be end of lifed soon or Android.

Look for a device that will be around for that long and also focus on what the OS on that device can give you today and in the future.  Many rugged devices won’t get Android updates, or at least maybe only a couple of big ones.

Work with someone who knows the OIS and can truly help you out over the 5 years.

2. Do rugged devices get all Androids updates?

No, in fact consumer devices don’t either but that’s because they want you to buy the newer models.  IN the rugged world it’s about what the suppliers can support, remember they are writing SDK’s for scanners and all kinds of apps that they want to work for years.

I think most of the good devices we have sold have had the odd little tweak and update.  Some have updated the whole device and some haven’t updated at all.  You need to know what you want and then go with that .

3. We use Apple iPhones and they’re superb, why do you seem to bash them a bit on here?

Because in the enterprise market they aren’t the best tool.  We love Apple kit here for our own consumer usage.  It’s also a great business level tool, bringing a secure, feature packed tool to your business workers.  However in the Data capture, rugged, enterprise level where the device is part of a direct business process, Apple kit is weak.  It has a poor roadmap, it’s locked in a little too much for our liking and it’s not supported for long enough.  It’s also not rugged, at all and a case won’t make much difference!

4. Will Windows Embedded 8 look like Windows Phone and have capacitive screens?

Yes and yes!  The OS looks much like the Windows Phone one and the screens will be big and capacitive.

5. Can you develop for WE8 on a Windows 7 development machine?

No, you need Windows 8 Pro.  Half of us use W8 here and we have a 100% dissatisfaction rate with it.  It has tonnes of connection issues when we test PDA’s and the OS itself is horrible.

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