Our weekly Q&A summary, this week we’re fielding questions about Mobile Device management.  Keep the questions rolling in @ruggedandmobile or using #RAMQQ or using Facebook.

1. You mentioned to shop around for an MDM solution, but there are so many. What do you recommend?

We’ve sold and worked with most MDM providers but we actually have our own solution built into Rugged Rescue which serves our customers very well indeed, integrates with our repair centre well and is actually free for the first 12 months and can be free in limited form after that.  Its growing every month in services and features.

However for a more full product we resell 42Gears’ SureMDM and SureKIOSK.  It’s growing all the time, the support and developers are awesome and talk to us within minutes and the product is really great and reasonably priced.  You get the human element which don’t believe you get anywhere else.  Just ask us for more info.

2. I have 5 devices do I need MDM?

Well it depends what you’re doing.  Even if you have 1 device but you never get to see it, MDM will still help you manage and provision it remotely and it will remove the need for frustrating user intervention.  If nothing will change ever, or the devices usually come home for the night into a depot then you might not need it.  We have customers with 200+ devices that don’t use MDM, we have ones with 5 that do.

3. Can I ask my reseller to use MDM to manage our devices?

Absolutely and its actually how we manage certain customers here.  Depending on how you are set up, we can effectively come into any estate and manage any device on your behalf if you allow us to.  It can take days off finding root causes to issues.

4. How much does MDM cost and is a subscription the best way to buy them?

It varies, it should be about £3-5 per month per device but check what features you get for that.  Some people prefer to buy perpetual licenses, some a subscription.  Some MDM solutions only give the one option.  We think subscription is the way to go.  You shouldn’t get locked in and it is the most flexible way to up or down size as your business needs.

5. My business won’t cloud based solution, can we install and run a solution in our own network?

Yes, whilst the tipping point has arrived for cloud now, some MDM solutions still work in the classic installer manner, however many of the cloud based ones also have an installable package that can be used to install into your own platform.  This way your data and network provision to it are on your servers and all under your direct control.

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