I know Apple isn’t a rugged company but us folk here at Rugged and Mobile still give the nod to our smart phone counterparts once in a while! It has been a year today since the terrible news of Steve JObs death was broken and we just wanted to pay our respects on this anniversary.

In the last 12 months Apple has been, if nothing else, busy with the launch of a new iPad, iPhone and iPod nano range along with new a whole new range of MacBooks and OS X, IOS has been notched a version further too. Despite not being rugged Apple has shone a light and pushed people to think more about mobility in general, pulling the market up for everyone. I think Rugged PDA sales still have a lot to thank form products like the iPhone which really pushed the envelope with end users, teaching them what could be done in a mobile fashion. The iPad has been singly responsible in bring the tablet market to the masses too and it’s easy to forget that all these Android Tablets people are wondering what to do with these days are really just a copy of what the iPad did initially.

Never before has a company wowed and so much and touched so many in a way no-one else ever has.

RIP Steve

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