OK, OK, so this is another article about the Apple iPAD but this one looks at it from a very different perspective.  We have a range of EPOS based Windows CE or WM touch screen terminals that are used for “Hospitality” type applications or you can run EPOS software on them literally turning the terminal into a cash register with the addition of a few USB peripherals, such as a barcode scanner.  Thats about it though, try using the terminal for anything else and they’re pretty useless.

We see the iPAD though as something that could really engage users and be the vehicle that provides the vision into new and exciting applications in the EPOS and data capture markets.  People are going to use the iPAD everywhere like never before and it’ll only be a short time before we see it being used as something stuck on a kitchen cupboard door, or as a hospitality style tablet.  Whilst many people are looking at ways of porting their apps onto it, we’re looking at ways we can provide EPOS and data capture on them because I think the iPAD has the potential to open up this market like nothing before.


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