It’s funny isn’t it that coders can spend weeks on some of the finest code they ever wrote, only to see the colour of a button that took 5 minutes to be the talking point at the customer meeting.

You can quite literally have the wind blown out of your sails sometimes by someone who seemingly just knows, knowing that no amount of hard work will ever cover the gap, at least in this case….

…and I find it remarkable how some companies can simply just ship and whatever they do or make has people queueing up for it.

This is the difference between Apple and the rest of the market.  Sure there’s no Steve Jobs any more, but you know what the team he left behind are finding their way, finding their own personalities and slowly but surely managing just fine. I’ve watched all the Microsoft, Apple and Samsung unveilings.  OK, Bill Gates certainly had his moments but the things I remember most are from Apple.  I was there when Steve Jobs first flicked his finger over the iPhone contacts list as the crowd cheered, I was only a kid but my breath was taken away the first time I saw the Apple Mac talking on stage and this week I felt the same feelings as I saw the unveiling of the Apple Watch….Beautiful…..just beautiful, it was poetry, not technology. With every moment that followed that glorious first video, it just got better, the crowd got louder and all my love for Apple came flooding back in a wave of trying to understand when and how i could get my hands on the new iPhone and Watch!!

I didn’t hear anyone cheer at the latest Note 4 unveiling or the Galaxy gear for that matter and you know what…The Smaunsg watch isn’t going to make it.  That’s the difference and that’s the battle companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Motorola and many more have to face as Apple change the world we live in once again.

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