We get asked all the time here why people don;t do more PDF email style receipt printing, “just like in the Apple store” we here you cry and you know what, for many it is the answer. Why cut down more trees when you can do something electronically. However in the enterprise world there are still many benefits of printing using good old thermal paper or labels and i’m going to point a few out here for you!


There’s still nothing like a good old piece of paper in your hand to create the proof you need for your customers. It might be a certificate, a proof of visit, or receipt for parts/work done and handing a nic epiece of paper is often still the best way to do this.


People don’t just print receipts with mobile printers. What about barcoded tickets that are designed to be used immediately? I’m thinking people registering at a show for the next talk or workshop?  This can be done on the mobile phone but trust me handing them a printer piece of paper is 100 times easier!

Access issues

Not everyone’s an iPhone 6+ wielding 18 year old!  Think about the elderly or people with disabilities? Do they have the same capability to go and download a receipt? You might love the idea of getting a receipt in one of your 5 email accounts, but think about your Gran, who simply doesn’t have that ability.

Labels & Media

Mobile printers can also print labels and these are often required to be printed. Just think how difficult it would make a supermarkets job if they had to go download a missing label form up in the office. A label printer gives them the ability to replace, or update labels on the spot.

Poor Connectivity

There are a whole host of reasons why a ticket or voucher might be need in the moment, but what do you do if you have no 4G or WiFi signal. In this case you simply wouldn’t be able to check your email or go to the website to get your e-ticket so a plain old printed one might be just the … a’hem…”Ticket!”

Claiming expenses

Have you ever tried to give your accounts team a link to an e-receipt as proof of your expenses? No, you just go print that e-receipt form Apple right out on an expensive laser printer and hand it in, making the receipt even more costly to everyone and the planet!

Ability to query

How many times have we all been at the till and just not felt that the total amount is right?  What do you do, check the receipt of course where you can check the price of items and all the discounts you think you should have got in the store that day.  An e-receipt might well be great for certain scenario’s but for some it might not be the answer…just yet!

So the moral of the story here is that PDF or e-receipts are definitely something you should consider in your app, but hopefully you won;t come unstuck after reading this blog!  As a;ways we feel giving choice is the best way forward so have your printer at the ready and give customers the choice!

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