Only a year after Motorola Solutions were gobbling up companies like Psion, it’s now official, Zebra have gobbled up Motorola Solutions in the latest in a whole gaggle of purchases in the data capture industry.  The purchase came as a surprise to many as Zebra are a slightly smaller business than MotoSol but with a $3.25B debt funded purchase they managed to do the trick!  I’m no finance expert but i’m told it’s the same kind of thing as Manchester UTD when they were bought out by the Glaziers.  All good if things are going well then?  although i’m not so sure if in this case things are going so well for either brand with sales being erroded by ever more competition and sector innovation.

What this does bring is the number 1 mobile and EPOS printing company together with one of the leading data capture and mission critical enterprise businesses that already has strong ties with Zebra.  Together they will make a formidable partnership, however if we look at the IT industry in the past this also doesn’t necessarily grant guaranteed success. It’ll be interesting to see how they manage the integration which will be critical to their success as will how well they are able to maintain relationship with rival competitive PDA and tablet companies that form a section of printer sales already. That said, the company will be forging ahead and integrating the Motorola brand into a business that will be able to provide true end to end solutions.  It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it and where this takes the industry.

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