If there’s one thing we know how to do here, it’s bring new, unknown brands to the UK market and make them successful.  Just ask Dotel and Pidion!

Mobile Printing needs a change and with Woosim Rugged Mobile Printers, and Rugged and Mobile we think we can do that.

Woosim offer a superb, well-defined range of printers from with some very innovative features such as 1,2,3 and 4″ print widths, Mag strip readers practically available on all of them as an option and with USB and Bluetooth connection standard.  Add to that with extremely low-budget non-rugged versions, semi-rugged and fully rugged versions of their mobile printers there’s one to suit every solution.

However that’s not enough!  Price is amazing.  Practically half the price pf comparable Zebra Printers and after testing we can’t see can’t see any drop in quality at all.  Metal Platen Assemblies, not plastic ones mean that rollers won’t break half as much and the plastics and build quality have to be good to enable any product to be sold through us here.

However the best bit comes last.  Woosim will be serviced and repaired from right here in the UK.  If there’s a problem you talk to us, you can talk to engineers and your problems get fixed within days not weeks.  All Woosim printers will come with comparable fully comprehensive service products making them an extremely viable, TCO and competent for the mobile printing element of your solution.

We’re adding the range right now and will be dedicating some time to them on the blog very soon.  These printers really do make buying a Zebra completely pointless!

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