We were always aware that phones saved us time and here is a big testament to that. Police forces across the UK have taken up the new technology of smartphones to enable their officers to spent more time on the beat. The Police force have said that smartphones now give each of their officers an extra 30 minutes on each shift to spend on the front line. The smartphone has enabled them to access databases and case briefings that are usually only available in the office.

Thirty of the UK Police forces have now been issued with the smartphones and it is thought that many more will take them on. The UK government has given £80Million in funding to help the scheme. One Police officer has said that the smartphones have reduced their time in the office by 10% at a cost of only £270 per year. It has given officers access to police records, pictures of missing people and the ability to send information back to the office without having to be there.

In the future it’s hoped that the GPS enabled smartphones will have the ability to give officers on the beat relevant information for the area they are currently in. This could further reduce the officers time in the office and would have a positive effect in reducing crime as well as giving a live high level strategic view of offer deployment. There are worries however with all smartphones there is a risk of being lost or stolen and are they “Rugged” enough at this price!?.

There are concerns over the potential loss of data and data getting in to the wrong hands. With the development of remote access and remote wiping of smartphones this shouldn’t be a huge worry.

On one hand I think that this scheme is money well spent. If it means that an officer is kept up to date with police reports and incidents within his vicinity, then this must have a positive effect in reducing the amount of crime. However at an average of £270 per device per year for an officer to have a smartphone are they going to be rugged enough?  Either way it’s a small price to pay for what make be a big impact to communities across the UK.

What do you think, let us know if you think this is money well spent ?

Cheers to IT Pro for the link http://www.itpro.co.uk/201027/police-awarded-50m-for-pda-scheme

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