Steve Jobs Dies

Steve Jobs

We’re all software geeks at heart here so we all wanted to just post an article on the sad passing of Steve Jobs who died earlier today after finally losing his battle with Pancreatic cancer.  By the age of 56 he had managed to change the world we live in, not once but many times and there are not many people on this planet that can say that!

We have one of Steve’s most famous phrases on the wall here in the office at Rugged and Mobile …

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?”

We live by that every day here and we hope Apple keeps this at heart as it finds a way without the great man.

Although not regarded as rugged , Apple and its development platform for the iPad and iPhone is something we love tinkering with and we have seen our fair share of Apple EPOS products too.

What won’t change are all the iPads and iPhones on our desks and at home and the ubiquitous nature these products have become in our every day office lives.

Rest in Peace Steve, and at least God will know how to use his iPad now! 😉

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