Rugged Tablets, especially Rugged Android Tablets is a market that’s changing so quickly these days and whilst there’s a lot out there, few have the right mix of ruggedness and services to back them up in a commercial environment.

Pidion are best known for their Rugged PDA’s and Mobile EPOS hardware but they have been designing tablets for some time now.  We thought that it was the right time to announce their new “BP” range to set the record straight on just exactly what they are going to deliver us next year.

Rugged Android – Pidion BP50

First up it’s the BP50.  This is the classic 7″, Rugged Android Tablet PC that will be at the centre of the big Tablet battle going on right now!

Rugged Android – Pidion BP70

The BP70 is identical in spec to the BP50 but it’s all built around a 10.1″ form factor and gain based on Android.

Rugged Windows Tablet – Pidion BP80

The Pidion BP80 is going to be a 10.1″ tablet but this time running WIndows.  At the moment it’s running WIndows 7 but we know it’ll probably be launched with full Windows 8.  It’s an X86 based Tablet so it’ll run the full X86 version of windows, something we’re really excited about here and as it’s X86 the architecture is slightly different and more a-kin to the PC.    One thing this will have is a 14,000 mAh battery (yes 14,000!) so it’ll run for hours!

The Specs

All the tablets have some great features:

  1. Gorilla glass, IP65 and drop specs of varying degree.
  2. 4G, WiFi a/b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0, GPS.
  3. Optional NFC embedded.
  4. A full options list including Mag strip readers, holders, capacitive pens and more…
  5. Full PidionCare support based right here in the UK.

Rugged tablets from a proper rugged company are what we look for here and we’ll review these in more depth in due course for you so get ready for 2013 as the Pidion’s are coming!



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  1. Steve

    Nice post mate this tablet thing is doing my head in. no one seems to know anything about them. is the BP50 a 5 inch device and does the BP70 run windows mobile?