Firstly guys sorry for the gap in articles the past few weeks, we’ve been a little bit busy and part of that is trying to grow the marketing and content we send out, so please bear with me as we try and do that the next few weeks.

Anyway I’ve been inspired somewhat the past week! and it’s that little rumour about the return of the Nokia 3310 that then grew to become a reality today!  For those of you that don’t know, if you’re older than about 25 then you probably had a Nokia 3310 mobile phone, and you’ll probably be recalling fonder, more basic mobile phone days! The days where you used a phone to talk and text to your friends, took a camera out with you if you wanted to take photos’s and social media was all but a distant Meme in the future of our lives!

The Old and new - Nokia 3310

The Old and new – Nokia 3310


Well as part of Nokia’s return, they’re actually bringing this little phone back and yes it doesn’t do social media, its not even got a 3G chip, a 2MP camera for “essential” photos and that’s about it…oh yes most importantly Snake is back, the most addictive and time saving game ever made!  I can’t think one single airport delay where Snake and my trusty Nokia phone came to the rescue.

So why talk about this, well firstly because its a rallying call “back to basics”.  In a world where the latest and greatest seems to have gone out of control, along with the cost of all these supposed technologies going through the roof, its a welcome sight to see a familiar, if not slightly updated old friend come back to greet us and for a reputed $50 (£40 to us UK folk) I know i’m going to buy one! I mean i’m in the market for a new smartphone but am I really going to put the new washing machine, fridge and car insurance on hold to pay for what is now a £1000 purchase?

I just think sometimes when we’re looking at phones to run our businesses that we suffer with the same thing.  We’re all looking at the CPU, the RAM and OS versions often without knowing a thing about Android or smartphones in general and we’re all losing site of what matters.

Great value, a steady solid product, great service and support and a little bit of people and passion that seems to be missing these days.

I for one hark the Nokia 3310 return and can’t wait to see it.  Its fun, it’s cheap, it still has a place in the world and I bet you it’ll work really well. Lets hope it just settles the madness for a short while at least.


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