I the last blog right here We recently did a great quick fire article on the best currently available rugged android devices out there but there are a few that are coming very soon now that I wanted to mention briefly and they’re listed right here:

Pidion HM45

Much anticipated, the Pidion HM45 this will be Pidion’s 8th Android enabled device, but it will be the first purpose-built Rugged Android PDA, designed for Android and only available with Android.

Built in 1D or 2D scanner, 2 battery options and with a full rugged spec it has all the basics but brings a 3.5″ screen to the mix which is unusual for an Android device where the screens are just getting bigger and bigger. It’ll be interesting to see how this works but with our support it’ll definitely be a popular device.

Motorola TC55

Much anticipated, the TC55 will only be 3rd Rugged device the Motorola has brought out which I think underlines the fact Motorola Solutions is not the Motorola mobile that was bought by Google last year. It’s going to be top of the range in terms of price but it will bring some very nice features including whopping battery size, a new approach to ruggedness for smaller devices and an accessory list as long as your arm!

We’re supposed to be taking delivery of the HM45’s this week, with the TC55 will be available early 2014.

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