Just a quick announcement today to say we’ve agreed to carry the Gen2Wave products and will be adding these soon to our main website information bank. Gen2Wave are a company we’ve known for some time and even got involved with a few years ago.  We’re now really pleased to carry them, they will be an adopted brand here so will carry our full suite of support and warranty services and we’re really looking forward to moving on with them.

Gen2Wave are one of the smaller South Korean manufacturers but as you known S.K. have a big pedigree when it comes to rugged equipment already and Gen2Wave are no exception.  Focussed on innovation and problem solving, they’ve focussed on 3 main products which has allowed them to constantly innovate which has created loads of unique USP’s.

We are eager to work with Gen2Wave because they are highly innovative, have strong communication, have great support and 3 great , highly rugged and innovative products.

We’ve added the manufacturer page for them already so more for info and our opinions go here.  We’ll be introducing their products soon but until then a quick run down is here:


Their entry-level product, choose Android or Windows mobile with 3.5″ screen in a highly configurable device at a great price point with loads of unique features we’ve never seen anywhere else.  These are rugged PDA’s that are designed to work.


Want a numeric keypad then this is the model for you. In a nutshell the RP1200 is a “key-padded” variant of the RP1100.


The latest addition to their range, the RP1300 brings a more smartphone-like has a 4.3″ screen and improved spec. Used to smartphones but need something rugged and with support then this one is for you.

We’ll be reporting back as soon as we have more news.


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