Pidion BM170 Case Options

We’ve had a few requests for Pidion BM170 case information this week, cases must be in the air or something!  So i’ve out together this blog to cover off all the ins and outs of the cases we offer here.

Silicon case

First off the silicon case is a thick silicon rubber case with hand strap that you squeeze the device in to.  It’s designed to stay on all the time and creates a kind of Otterbox for the BM170.  However there are 2 things to watch for on this case:

  • It only comes in Extended Battery format (You can see the bump on the photo above) which means there’s a bit of a squishy rubber void if you put a standard battery version of the BM170 in it.
  • It also has an issue with the camera.  The Rubber comes too close to camera so when using the flash you get feedback in your images in the shape of a bright banding top and bottom.  It ruins your photo’s basically!

This case is about £24

Executive Leather Flip

Next up is the Executive flip case.  This is a lightweight case that comes in both battery sizes and it’s nice but in my opinion a little bit too lightweight.  The flip fastening stud is a bit weak and plasticky and the case itself is only going to last in the hands of someone who will look after the case and semi rugged PDA in it.  These are again £24 each

Rugged Leather and Rugged Synthetic Flip Cases

The cases in the 2nd photo here are our rugged offerings, for just £30 including belt clip or £26 without you get a case that is designed to protect the device and will take a lot more abuse.  The leather is thick and hard wearing, more like the leather you find on a shoe, and the synthetic material is a mix of rubber and stiff nylon that will fare better with water and makes for a very light case too.

Both these cases can be customised for larger orders where you can add loops, logo’s and all kinds of things for very little more.

Holster case

We lastly sell 2 holsters for the BM170.  not popular for this class of device we sell a budget slip in holster for £16 and a rugged holster for £25.  Again these are customisable if you need them to be.

That’s it, hopefully this will help all the people out there that seem to have Pidion BM170’s but not much help after they buy them!!  Just come to us here and we’ll sort you out no problem.

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