Bluetooth barcode Scanners are all the rage at the moment and I wanted to update you on a couple of new products from Baracoda who offer one of the best rugged ranges of rugged Bluetooth barcode scanners in my humble opinion.  Baracoda barcode scanners are very rugged, very good and extremely nice to work with some innovative features across the range in their hardware and software solutions.  I wanted to just cover off a couple of updates that are of note:

Updated D-Fly – The Baracoda D-Fly2

OK, OK I know, The aptly named D-Fly2 isn’t rugged as it’s the budget baracoda barcode scanner.  But as an entry point its a very nice little device.  The image above actually doesn’t do the small size justice at all, it’s very small in comparison to the roadrunners or new OrKan above.

The case is identical but the update brings a welcomed ability to batch scan as well as live scan which will make the D-Fly2 a far more robust and useful solution.

The Baracoda OrKan

This is the first Baracoda barcode scanner to have an embedded display that will give you the benefit of immediate feedback when scanning.  It comes with 4 pre-loaded applications to help you get going with very typical scanning scenarios (1 of the applications for instance is a basic stock taking application) but you can also program your own applications which puts this device right inline with the basic Cipherlab CPT or Opticon OPL9700 devices.

It’s very rugged, has Intermec scanning technology for its barcode scanning engine and uses a nifty little Lithium Polymer battery that should give it class leading battery life.  The Class 1 BT connection will give you 100M+ range from you base station.

I’ve seen the device in person but I’ll try to give a better review when I get one for a longer time!

Batch scanners like this are great because they can extend the ability of aging Rugged PDA’s and they also fit very well with the growing band of merry Tablet PDA users.  They can also be an inexpensive option to use with smartphones if you want to test your solution for validity before spending on full rugged kit.  A decent batch scanner can also save you a lot of time, cost and headaches when it comes to simple stock taking applications where a rugged PDA could be a little bit overkill.

If you want to know more about Baracoda or how batch scanners in general could help you then just get in touch with us here.

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