Google have today announced they have bought Motorola’s Mobile division in a monster $12b deal, which comes as no surprise as the ailing side of Motorola’s business has been undervalued for some time now. We understand the mobile side of this business and are pretty sure here that whilst $12b is probably a little bit over priced for Motorola’s mobile division, Motorola probably have quite a few patents lurking in the warehouse and are reputed to have one of the largest and most comprehensive patent lists in the industry.  I suspect that Google will not only be making good use of these patents in its new hardware, but also their lawyers will no doubt be eager to get hold of many of these!! What does this all mean?  Well its big news for the smartphone industry.  If you;re HTC or LG or even Samsung, you must be wondering what you’re future is going to hold now and this could either be the best move Google made or the worst.  On one hand it has put them on a par with their most successful competitors in Apple and RIM (Blackberry) but on the other running an essential opensource system and having their own hardware manufacturer kind of opposes what this is all about. What does it mean for us Rugged folk though?  Well anything rugged or data capture like Rugged PDA’s or Barcode Scanners is still based in the “Solutions” side of the business which is not part of this deal.  We’re still trying to get a statement to concerned customers but at this point we do not see any changes to business as we know it our side. I think this will personally help to demark the shiny consumer market from the rugged line of business one but with Android based rugged PDA’s already available from other manufacturers we’ll be watching this space very closely. We’ll let people know any more news as we get it.. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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