I am always interested to hear of news from the barcoding world, and any new developments which means that our lives are made easier, I am the first in line to hear of them! So when I heard on a new PDA book from Microsoft, being discussed in the office, I quickly searched the net to find out more. At this point I must issue an apology for moving away from the barcoding and rugged world, but this was such a development in the mobile computer world, that I must share it with you all.

Ever since Apple came on the scene, Microsoft hasn’t managed to keep up with it’s “cool” status. Whenever you see someone on the TV talking about computers and the internet, they are all using Apple computers. Your out in town and a friend talks about the previous night out, when he shows you the pictures, they are usually on an iPhone. Jogging in the gym, everyone is listening to their newly synced iPods. What happened to Microsoft?

The Courier, I hope will claw back the technology world from Apple, that was originally dominated by Microsoft. It is sleek, compact and will get everyone looking when you get it out of your bag and start organising your meetings for that day. It is such a development because instead of calling it a tablet, we will all be reaching in to our bags for our “booklets”. It has dual 7” screens that open out just like a diary would. With not a keypad in sight, it is designed to be touched, written and drawn on. Designed like an organiser, you can start a new journal, connect up contacts in your address book by flicking them across the screen to give them access to your notes. Find out where your next meeting is by flicking across your contacts to the maps to tell you where they are. Using the integrated camera, take pictures, store them, cut them and paste them in to your journals. Write notes on the back of the picture to give you a reminder and add a task to follow it up.

After watching the promotional video, I can see why Microsoft wanted to keep this under such wraps. Why? Because they know that as soon as word gets out, everyone will want one and pretty soon competitors including Apple will be replicating the ideas and developing their own. Do you think that for a change Apple will be looking to Microsoft for ideas instead of the other way round? Just a thought….

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