The Intermec SG10T Budget Barcode Scanner - From all angles!

Unusually for Intermec a budget barcode scanner has been added to their range, the Intermec SG10T is a new low-cost barcode scanner that in the £70 price range sitting it squarely at the Honeywell Eclipse 5145 market.  Although Intermec state the scanner is also aimed at the ls2208, in terms of price we have never come across an Intermec product that’s cheaper than an equivalent Motorola one but better!

The SG10T has a CCD or “Linear” scan engine and uses the XXX engine that’s Intermecs budget scanner offering.  It’s budget, it’s not a laser barcode scanner but it is found as OEM in a lot of other kit and it’s a decent affair.

Looking at the sales literature, the Intermec SG10T is really aimed at being simple.  Whilst not a new concept by any means the simple connection options consist of USB or Keyboard Wedge, the scanner is set-up and ready to go and the CCD scanner will be reliable and trustworthy not only scanning all the main 1D barcode symbologies, but also because it has no moving parts and so there’s nothing to break easily!

We like Intermec here, their kit is mostly aimed at the quality end, we like their Rugged positioning and despite the SG10T being a budget affair, we think it’ll do quite well.  Intermec offer their std warranty on the scanner and it will now give current Intermec owners an option when looking at scanning in the workplace.

Available now, prices around the £70 mark, it’s definitely worth a look.

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