Intermec’s CS40 is a small, light but fully rugged PDA that makes for a great option for your users if a small sized Rugged PDA matters.  Whilst we don’t think it’s as rugged as it’s larger sibling devices such as the CN50 series (on right below), it’s still IP54 rated and has a drop spec of 1.2m.

Intermec's CS40 (middle) clearly shares more in common size-wise with a semi-rugged PDA.

Intermec’s CS40 (middle) clearly shares more in common size-wise with a semi-rugged PDA.

The pricing on the CS40 has always been a bit high and we have a great price drop on the device right now up until end of October which puts the device at around £630 each for any quantity at all.  This will put the device pricing in line with the Opticon H21 and it also gives users a reduced price point for the size too.

What you’ll love over a larger PDA like the CN50

  • Small and light
  • Price
  • Micro USB Adaptors
  • Cheaper Accessories

What you might hate

  • Small battery
  • Tiny 2.8″ LCD
  • Tiny keyboard, especially in Qwerty guide.
  • Not as rugged, despite what the spec sheet might say.

The small Rugged PDA class is still finding its way and we’re still trying to educate people on why you would go for a smaller device over a more classic Rugged PDA size so come and talk to us if you want to know more. The Rugged and Mobile blog.

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