It’s been rumoured for some time on and off in our data capture circles that Intermec was going to be bought out and the rather quiet announcement that Honeywell would add them to their list of data capture purchases finally gave the rumours some credence.

Honeywell have offered around $600M for the company but at the moment is waiting for results in 2013 before it goes ahead so the button hasn’t been pressed just yet on this one and everyone is being quite tight-lipped about it.

Honeywell have progressively bought their way into the AIDC market over the years, buying Handheld products (HHP) and Metrologic first, LXE last year and if Intermec is added then they’ll really have a string but messy line up of devices to sell.

We’re not sure what the message is right now from Honeywell or what the reasons are for buying Intermec but it seems set that we’ll be losing yet another stalwart brand name from our market soon!

We’ll keep you posted as it happens.

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