Ever since we first heard about catching viruses in hospitals, we’ve become more aware of our surroundings, ensuring cleanliness is kept high up the priority list. As more and more mobile devices are used in hospitals, they bring a new challenge to keeping the ward or laboratory clean. A barcode scanner for instance can be moved room to room as it is used and a mobile computer could easily carry germs, harbouring them in all of its little cracks and crevices! This means ensuring all equipment used on the wards are cleaned regularly, which in turn creates its own problems of wear and tear.

Honeywell has addressed this concern by producing a disinfectant ready housing for three of its main products. The 4600g, the 4820 and the Dolphin 9900 all now come with this option, termed under the “HC” series.

The casing of these products is a little different to the standard rugged cases. Marked out by its light cream colour the HC case is designed to withstand harsh cleaning products used regularly on everyday devices used on the wards. Standard casings are unable to withstand certain chemical cleaning products for long and are susceptible to cracking after repeated exposure that can bring along more issues such corrosion of electronic circuitry and potential electrical fires resulting from this cracking of casings. HC cases on the other hand are made from a different material that helps to prevent bacteria from hiding in the first place and one which is extremely resilient to the daily cleaning they will encounter in a hospital.

Before this casing was developed, healthcare professionals tended to put data collection devices in plastic bags in order to keep them clean and reduce the risk of spreading infection. This not only affected the scanning performance of the device but also brought obvious workflow difficulties with it reducing the working efficiency of staff working on the wards.

This is a great step forward for Honeywell, with healthcare being a large and continued heavy adopter of data capture and the HC casing technology provides a “healthcare ruggedness” to already great devices.

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