We try and announce as much as we can both good or bad that comes into the markets we serve and the Small Rugged PDA market is a market that’s going to be a bit of a bloodbath in the next year or so as we see lots of manufacturers jumping on the bandwagon.  The problem in this market is that many manufacturers are trying to provide a small or semi rugged PDA that simply enters them into what is seen as the “market to be in” and the trouble with this is that it’s risking turning a much-needed market into one that is almost going to be as confusing and risky as the smartphone market has become, especially when looked at from a Line of Business point of view.  When I refer to bloodbath, it’s not the manufacturers blood that I’m wiping off my shirt, it’s the customers as its them that we’re trying to steer away from making the same old mistakes of buying the wrong device, simply because of how it’s positioned.

Indeed the MH132 is in fact referred to as a Rugged “Smartphone” which is the first interesting point to make about this little rugged PDA.  Smartphone it is not.  It’s not going to be bought by people looking for a more rugged mobile phone, where the hunting ground of the Motorola ES400 is.  It’s certainly not going to be taking sales away from iPhones and HTC’s so it is squarely in our Small Rugged PDA category here at Rugged and Mobile.

The Getac MH132 Rugged Smartphone slipped on to the market very quietly but was officially launched last week.  We haven’t had much to go on here so we turn to what we can find and use our own experience and contacts to give our customers the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.  A quick glance at the specs seems to bring up some interesting, some rather odd and some downright poor features so we’ll be looking at the device in a little more depth tomorrow and uncovering everything you need to know if you’re in the market for something like this.

Getac are a Rugged Tablet and Laptop manufacturers first and foremost, in fact they’re our go to guys for good, decent kit in this area. Rugged PDA’s however are a different kettle of fish and we do see this as a bit of a “curveball” device entering Getac into a new market.

We probably have only 2 or 3 devices in this market so far that provide into these categories honestly and competently for the customers so it will be interesting to see how Getac fairs against the devices that are doing well in a market that is a tough one to get in to in our view.

For now there’s still no price, still no solid availability for supply so you’ll have to forgive us if we don’t seem particularly excited about what’s on offer here at first glance!  More to come…

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