Dotel H300S gets new HF RFID Reader

The Dotel H300S was added to our range last year to fill in the gap between the semi-rugged and fully rugged areas of the market, in essence it’s a £550 rugged handheld pda that gives people a budget choice to get a fully rugged device that’s way-way better than say a Motorola ES400.

However, over the months we’ve been continually surprised at how well-built and put together the Dotel H300 is, how configurable it is and how many features it has too.  It’s repair and warranty stats are way better than anything Pidion or any other S. Korean manufacturer has and despite its price it is beating up almost everything we sell from the far east at the moment, quality-wise.  We’ll be showing it down against some key devices in the coming weeks!

Anyway, I digress!  One of the features more and more customers are asking for these days is RFID, and HF RFID usually comes built-in to the device in some way.  One of the things we like about a supplier is their willingness to listen and change and Dotel have done just that with their new HF set-up.  The RFID is absolutely lovely to use.  It has better range than say a Pidion BIP-6000, it’s really easy to use with the antenna in the right place and the little hump on the back does nothing to increase the size of the device but makes it surprisingly intuitive to use.

The software and SDK also have some great features to them, including tweaking power settings to allow adjustment of range, the usual read and write settings and of course the ability to react to protocols and tags scanned.

Add the extended Li-Polymer battery and you have a great little device that’s coming on leaps and bounds.

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